Qicent 6-Outlet Power Strip With Usb

This review is for the Qicent 6-Outlet Power Strip With Usb.

Ever buy a new gadget for your home office and look down under your desk to plug it in, only noticing that there are no available plug outlets available?
Let alone that half the outlets are being used by USB chargers? Well I have.

Up until recently, I’ve had plugs for my computer, monitor, printer, fax, phone, speaker system, etc. plus an assortment of tablet and phone chargers plugged into 2 separate power strips, causing a messy entanglement of wires under my desk. As much as i have tried to neat things up, the mess always returned shortly thereafter.

The 6 Outlet Power Strip by QICENT is a very well constructed and modernly designed power strip that helps keep things neat. The plugs remain in their sockets very firmly which shows a sign of quality.
Not only does it offer top notch surge protection for my plugged in peripherals, it also has 5 illuminated Smart USB Ports, all with an output of 2.4A, which can charge my devices at their optimal speed.

The unit has a power switch which is convenient to turn it on and off. There is also a subtle blue power indicator LED which lets you know the unit is being powered correctly.

I was sent the unit for evaluation, and I really enjoy it.

This product can be found here on Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1KUeEhe

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