Mpow Streambot Pro Portable Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Transmitter

This review is on the Mpow Streambot Pro Portable Bluetooth 3.0 Audio Transmitter.

This tiny little device allows me to stream music wirelessly from my older, non Bluetooth devices, to my newer updated peripherals such as my Bluetooth headphones and car stereo. Before having this little gadget, I would have to use tangle prone auxiliary wires to connect my audio devices, but that was getting too messy.

It should be noted though, that this device is a Bluetooth transmitter and NOT A RECEIVER, meaning that it can only be used to make a non Bluetooth device Bluetooth compliant and it cannot make, say, your car stereo bluetooth capable.

Pairing the transmitter with my bluetooth devices is simple:
1. Hold down the button on the front of the device until the LED flashes red and blue
2. On your Device e.g. phone go to the bluetooth menu and search for Bluetooth devices.
3. Find the transmitter in the “Discovered Devices” list. It should be called “MT-1”.
4. Once selected, the devices should be connected.

The package includes an RCA cable and a micro USB cable for charging.

This product was sent to me in exchange for an honest review.

This product can be found on Amazon right here:

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