Mpow iSnap Y Extendable Selfie Stick with built-in Bluetooth

This review is for the Mpow iSnap Y Extendable Selfie Stick with built-in Bluetooth.

Selfie sticks for phones have become the new GorrilaPod for cameras. They are the latest must-have, take-everywhere gadget in photography.
But what makes one model superior to the other?

I have tried and tested many selfie sticks in the past, most of them consisting of a flimsy extendable arm and a measly handle. Some of them with Bluetooth and some with tangle prone wires.

The first thing I noticed with the Mpow iSnap Y Selfie Stick was its amazing ergonomics.
The rubber grip coating, which covers the whole handle, and slightly wider barrel give this selfie stick the ability to be clenched in the fist like a baseball. If you don’t let go its not moving anywhere. Kinda the way a cold beer fits your clutch at a baseball game.

The phone is clasped into place by a 270 degree rotatable jaw whose rubber coating keeps your phone snug.
I wouldn’t be afraid to take this thing on a loop de loop coaster, but just make sure to put on the wrist strap.
Obviously I wouldn’t recommend doing that for safety precautions.

Included with the product is an instruction booklet which lists the easy steps to pair the stick with your phone via Bluetooth.
To connect to your phone,

1. Turn on Bluetooth discovery mode on your phone.

2. Press and hold the shutter button on the stick for 3 seconds till the blue LED blinks.

3. On your phone look for Mpow iSnap Y in the discovered devices list.

4. Tap on it and the phone should connect to the device.
Once connected the blue LED should stay bright.

The selfie stick includes a short USB charging wire, but any Micro USB wire can be used.
I received this product for an honest evaluation, and I really recommend it to other.

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