Huion H610 – 10 x 6 Inches Graphics Drawing Tablet

This review is on the Huion H610 – 10 x 6 Inches Graphics Drawing Tablet.

I am a freelance graphic artist and have used several tablets in the past from different brands. Here are some thoughts on this very well priced tablet.

The tablet came in a well packed box together with a pen, extra nibs, a pen and nib holder, a USB cable and a CD for installing the drivers. The tablet is very thin, letting me fit into my laptop bag, yet it is nicely built.

The pen has two buttons located at the grip which are customizable through the program that is installed with the driver. The pen feels very comfortable in the hand, and the barrel is slightly thicker making it feel more natural to hold, giving me extra grip on it. At the top of the pen is a clicker, similar to that of a retractable pen, which turns the pen on/off. The pen also has 2048 levels, which is a high level of sensitivity.

On the right of the tablet, right under the power LED, are 8 customizable physical shortcut buttons which can control almost anything for example Undo, Eraser, Pen Tool, Zoom In/Out, etc. At the top of the tablet are 16 programmable touch buttons that can do anything from being a tool shortcut to opening a computer program.

I used the tablet in a few programs, including Photoshop, and it is really smooth and responsive. From the installed tablet settings program, I was able to change the sensitivity and pressure of the pen, giving me more control. With the tablets smooth surface I was able to create some nice sketches as well as touch up photos with ease.

I received this tablet at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and I really think this is a great tablet for the price!

This tablet can be found on Amazon over here:

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