Fujin Mark II Vacuum Lens

This review is on the Fujin Mark II Vacuum Lens.

Although this may look like a Canon L Series lens with it’s red ring, this lens does not contain any glass or a focus ring, and is not meant to take pictures with. This is a high end camera accessory which is made to clean the sensor and innards of your camera. It has a fan which acts like a vacuum blowing filtered air into your camera , and then sucking it out, together with the dust particles that were resting in your camera.

The lens which is powered by 4 AAA batteries, screws on to the cameras lens mount just like an ordinary lens. There are two models of this product; one for Canon and one for Nikon mounts. All that is needed to do to engage the cleaning is to flip the power switch to the on position. Once the fan is running Fujin recommends that you press the shutter button on the camera for continuous shooting in order to cause movement in the camera to set the dust free. Using the fan during the sensor cleaning mode is also recommended.

The lens uses specially cut round filters, which are replaceable, in order to ensure clean air flow into the camera. Included in the box with the lens are 3 filters, and additional filters can be purchased on the Fujin website.
I really like the lens shape design of the unit, and I think that being that it has a filtered system, this can be more safe and effective than the traditional Rocket Blower being that the Rocket blower may even blow more dust into the camera. I also like it better than cleaning the camera sensor with a Sensor Cleaning Swab, being that this doesn’t leave me with the risk of scratching or smudging the sensor.

All in all, this product seems promising to ensure long lasting quality of your camera. Below are some sample videos from Fujin showing the capability of this cleaner.

This product can be purchased directly from Fujin for $150 with free shipping to the USA.

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