Etekcity Wireless OBD-II ECU Car Diagnostic Scanner/Code Reader

This review is for the Etekcity Wireless OBD-II ECU Car Diagnostic Scanner/Code Reader.

Just to start off, I have previously owned an OBD2 dongle purchased from another website and was very dissapointed with it. It didnt work properly with all my cars and it was large in size. This OBD2 was different though.

Firstly, it includes a software CD which includes the Torque app for both iOS and Android phones and tablets, and a program for the computer. It is much easier to connect to this device because it uses WIFI to connect, as opposed to bluetooth which requires you to pair and enter passcodes. The included CD provides directions on how to copy the Torque app to your phone.

To connect to the device, all you do is plug it into the OBD2 port in your car, which is usually located under the steering wheel somewhere, and press the ON button. Then turn on your phones WIFI and look for the “WIFI_OBDll” connection and connect. No password needed.
Once connected, you can open up the Torque app and configure the adapter settings. Change the connection type to WIFI.

From the app you will be able to check for fault codes or clear a “check engine light”. You can even track your trips with the app viewing them on a map showing you your location and trip information.

I really loved the ability to view real time engine and vehicle parameters such as Acceleration, RPMs, Throttle, Speed, Boost, Coolant Level.
It will even record your fastest 0-60 speeds!
It is so convenient!

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