EasyAcc 24W 5V 4.8A 2 Smart USB Port Charger Stand

This review is for the EasyAcc 24W 5V 4.8A 2 Smart USB Port Charger Stand.

This charger is one of the most convenient I have used. 
The ability to have the phone or tablet charge while being able to view the screen is great. 

This can also effectively turn my phone into a desk clock by using the appropriate app.

The dock has two 2 Smart USB Ports with a total output of 4.8A and 24W which gives you the ability to charge two devices at a time.

The slots in the dock are rubber coated to give your phone extra grip, however I would of liked to see better grip. 

If your phones charging port is located on the bottom of the phone, you will have to lie the phone landscape, as opposed to upright.

The build quality of the device seems top notch and the included micro USB wire is a bonus.
This charger which I received to evaluate is one that will definitely remain on my desk.

This product can be found here on Amazon.com: http://amzn.to/1JHa5oF

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