aLLreLi 42W 5-Port Intelligent Car Charger Kit

This review is for the aLLreLi 42W 5-Port Intelligent Car Charger Kit.

Ever hit the road after picking up the carpool and hear a voice chime in from the back seat “I forgot my car charger”? Well this scene has played out one too many times to me, and I just couldn’t turn back every time.

The aLLreLi 5 port intelligent car charger has solved just that problem. With it’s whopping 42 Watts of output, I will never be at a loss of power. It increases the charging port count of my car, so I wont have to keep swapping out those plugs.
It has 4 ports (2x 1 Amp, 2x 2 Amps) in the unit and one (2 Amps) in the charger plug. You can charge multiple phones and tablets at the same time, all at full power.

The charger comfortably reaches the back seat of my car thanks to its long wire. I keep it clipped to the back seat pocket with the included clip. The clip is designed to also let you attach it to an air vent.

It is also asthetically pleasing. Housed in a plastic casing, the unit also includes 2 rubber bumpers, one gray and one orange. This enables the unit to match most car interiors, while adding to its longevity.

The matte black face is complimented by a subtle blue LED, letting you know that the unit is plugged in properly and receiving power, whilst not distracting the driver. This is a great feature in my opinion, as it cancels out the option of a blown fuse in the car.

I received this product for an honest evaluation, and I really enjoy using this charger as much as my passengers do.

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