Amazing Sound in Such a Small Package

I’m usually an over the ears headphones guy because I like the range and comfort they provide, but they are not always practical. There are times when lugging around a large pair of headphones ain’t gonna cut it, so for those times I use a quality pair of earbuds.

Supreme Sound in a Splash Proof Design

As Bluetooth speakers become more popular, there are many options available, making it hard to choose one. These speakers have created an evolution in sound, replacing the bulky home stereos of yesteryear with portable wireless great sounding machines. This review is a great speaker by VAVA.

Good Quality Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are extremely popular these days due to their portability, sound quality and price point. Gone are the day where you would have to lug around that old clunky stereo system as these speakers are so portable that some of them even fit in your pocket. But don’t let size fool you as these […]

A Comfortable and Well Constructed VR Headset

These VR goggles form Mosiso are a great cheaper alternative to the more expensive ones from companies like Samsung. This headset is constructed of hard plastic and feels very sturdy. It holds phones with screens from four inches to six inches, and thanks to it’s magnetic closing door, it is very simple to mount your […]

A Modern Looking, Firm Holding, Phone Mount.

Having my phone mounted properly in my car is important to me, as it helps me drive safer. Not only does it help prevent distractions while on the road, but it allows me to use my phone as a GPS unit and lets me hear conversations better while on the road. An important factor of […]

Charge Your Phone with the Sun!

Portable USB chargers have become so popular as they are very practical. They allow you to charge your phone or other device anywhere anytime, even in remote locations with no power. I take these with me on hikes, trips and even the regular stroll to the mall. There’s nothing like your phone dying in middle […]

Kebelo M-CD2 Universal Magnetic CD Slot Car Mount

I have been searching for a way to mount my Asus Tablet in my car for use as a GPS and media player for a while, and a CD slot style car mount appealed most to me as it will let me mount the tablet in the car without interfering with the visibility of the […]

Vtin Bluetooth 4.0 Receiver Car Kit

My car has built in Bluetooth, but interestingly enough it can only be used to place calls, and not for music playback. The fact that only a partial of the technology was implemented, I was led to purchase an external 3rd party receiver. I’ve gone through a few over the years, and they were either […]

Archeer Qi Wireless Charging Pad

This review is on the Archeer Qi Wireless Charging Pad.I always loved the concept of wireless charging and the convenience it brings, and this nicely built Qi charger from Archeer gives me just that. Being that I am not using any cables, I don’t have to worry about the Micro USB port of my Nexus […]

Archeer Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger

This review is for the Archeer Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger.This charger is permanently replacing my 2.1A charger, which has replaced my 1.0A charger. With this charger, charge times for my Moto X 2014 and Galaxy S6 are much improved. This is due to the Qualcomm Quickcharge 2.0 technology. This means my car charger now […]

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