A Great LED Desk Lamp that’s Great on the Eyes

LED lights are becoming the norm, and it’s not for no reason. Aside from being cheap to operate, LED bulbs last much longer than traditional bulbs meaning that you will practically never have to replace them. Read on to see what I think about this table lamp.

A Great Upgrade To My Cars Fog Lights

Many of today’s vehicles are equipped with fog lights. Fog lights are important for driving in poor conditions such as rain snow and fog, as they fill in the foreground that headlights don’t light up. When used together with headlights in poor visibility, they can help show the driver the road edges, lane markings. This […]

These Bulbs will Save You Cash…

Just a little while back, when you needed a light bulb you just went to the local hardware store and picked up an incandescent bulb. Nowadays there are so many new options on the market such as CFL and LED bulbs. CFL bulbs brought down the price per watt of electricity by a landslide, but […]

A Very Bright and Reliable Bike Light

Safety while riding my bike is crucial, and having the right accessories makes all the difference. To me, riding at night without a bike light is like going skydiving without the parachute. Not only is it dangerous for me, but for car drivers alike. Having a powerful bike light lets me see and be seen.

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