There’s Nothing Like Having Beer On Tap… At Home!

Ever leave a bar or restaurant thinking hey that was a great beer, and then when you buy the bottled version from the store it doesn’t taste nearly as good? Well the truth is that draft beer has less bitterness and lower carbonation compared to the bottled beer. Up until recently, one had to go […]

This Knife Will Put Your Life at Steak

What better way to enjoy a juicy steak than with a sharp knife that can cut? I have been to steakhouses that served with mediocre cutlery, and the experience was one to forget. A good steak knife compliments a steak like a good glass of wine. Here is a review on a great one by […]

This Chefs Knife has a Great Blade and a Comfortable Handle

Chef knives are the most important tool in the kitchen, and that’s why it is imperative to have one that suits you. There are many types on the market made out of various metals and with a variety of handle designs. The most important thing I look for in a knife is comfort, because after […]

Use This Tool to Cook the Best Steaks! Easy! #sousvide

Sous vide cooking has taken the world by storm, enabling even amateur cooks to produce mouth watering perfectly cooked foods. Unit like these used to be very expensive and were limited to restaurant chefs and the like, but now they are becoming widely available to the general public at affordable prices. This review is on […]

An Excellent Chefs Knife with Great Looks

Having a solid chefs knife while I cook is very important to me, as it is the most important tool in the kitchen to me. Things I look for in a good chefs knife are, firstly, a well balanced knife. A knife that is comfortable is imperative as that is precisely the tool that will […]

The Only Way to Eat a Steak. Period.

Personally, the only thing can compliment a juicy steak at the table is a glass of Cabernet and some good cutlery. Having good cutlery at the table just makes the whole steak experience better. There’s nothing like going to an expensive restaurant, ordering some prime beef, and not being able to eat it comfortably due […]

A Gorgeous Sharp Way to Cut my Food

Being that chef knives are one of the most essential tools in any kitchen, I have used many in the past. Some things to look for are a comfortable handle, a blade that retains it’s edge, and a nicely balanced weight throughout the knife. This review is on a premiere knife and there’s lots to […]

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