Great Dashcam with WiFi Streaming

¬†Traffic accidents are extremely prevalent in my neighborhood, it’s almost as if the drivers didn’t take a driving course. It’s no fun getting into an accident, especially when it comes to dealing with the insurance company. You say one thing, and the police report says something else. The only way to rest assured is to […]

This Car Vacuum Will Fit In Your Glove Compartement

I feel that many people out there are constantly washing and shining the exterior of their car, but when it comes to the interior, not much attention is paid. This is similar to washing the siding of ones house, but leaving the inside a mess. Due to the fact that I spend a large amount […]

My Favorite Dashcam So Far!

Until recently, dashcams were primarily used in law enforcement vehicles as well as in taxis, but the are becoming more and more popular among the average driver due to their many benefits. Having a dashcam in the car gives me peace of mind, knowing that my drive is being recorded. They are very useful in […]

This Dashcam sports Hi Res Video and OTG Support

Dashcams used to to be very prevalent in Europe and Russia and not so much in the USA, but recently there has been a surge of dashcam users in the USA due to the many benefits it can bring. A dashcam gives me that added security while on the road, and not only can they […]

A Cheap Reliable Replacement to My Cars Faulty TPMS

Having properly inflated tires can not only improve miles per gallon, but it also maintains the safety of the vehicle and the passengers inside it. Most modern cars include a built in tire monitoring system, but many of them are very basic and don’t tell you which tire is low or the PSI in the […]

Nice Backup Camera with LEDs

Recently, most car manufacturers started installing backup cameras in pretty much every car given that it has become a necessity. Backup cameras provide an additional step of safety to vehicles, by allowing the driver a better view of the rear of the vehicle. This not only helps drivers back into parking spots and garages, but […]

Best Car Bluetooth Kit on the Market

No Bluetooth in your car? Your’e not out of luck. Thanks to the many Bluetooth kits on the market, adding Bluetooth functionality to your car can be very easy and cheap. Not only is there no installation involved, but there are also many models to choose from. Here is a review on a great kit […]

A Great Upgrade To My Cars Fog Lights

Many of today’s vehicles are equipped with fog lights. Fog lights are important for driving in poor conditions such as rain snow and fog, as they fill in the foreground that headlights don’t light up. When used together with headlights in poor visibility, they can help show the driver the road edges, lane markings. This […]

A Modern Looking, Firm Holding, Phone Mount.

Having my phone mounted properly in my car is important to me, as it helps me drive safer. Not only does it help prevent distractions while on the road, but it allows me to use my phone as a GPS unit and lets me hear conversations better while on the road. An important factor of […]

Vtin Bluetooth 4.0 Receiver Car Kit

My car has built in Bluetooth, but interestingly enough it can only be used to place calls, and not for music playback. The fact that only a partial of the technology was implemented, I was led to purchase an external 3rd party receiver. I’ve gone through a few over the years, and they were either […]

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