ThermaCELL Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Even while wearing my gloves, my hands tend to get cold and there’s nothing like ending a day at the slopes with cold hands.
The ThermaCell hand heatpacks the more modern approach to the conventional HotHand warmers which simply slip into your gloves. The main benefit with these warmers is that you don’t have to keep going to the store to buy more. You plug it in and charge it up, which is also more environmentally friendly than just throwing them out constantly.

Although I haven’t yet taken these to the slopes, I have used them during walks on 30 degree nights, and I have to say they did keep my hands warm. There are three heat settings on this model: Low, medium and high. I would have liked to see another higher setting though because I don’t feel they put out enough heat for bitter cold days, say when I go to Canada in the winter. And, the device only lasts up to 6 hours on the lowest setting. A larger battery could of helped for this, but would also affect the units size.

The warmers are very easy to use. They heat up very quickly too. To turn on you press the button on the unit. A flashing green status LED shows that the device is on. Then, to raise the heat you just press the button again, and the LED will flash twice. To get the highest heat, you press the button again, in which the LED will flash three times. To turn the unit off, you press the button once more and the LED should turn off.

In the box a dual USB charger and two USB cables were included to charge the unit. The warmers are small and pretty thin and are covered in a silicone casing. They don’t bend though, so putting them in shoes or boots wont be comfortable. But the same company makes another model that are supposed to fit comfortably in shoes.

I received these hand warmers in exchange for an honest review, and I really think they are great for day to day use.

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