Safety while riding my bike is crucial, and having the right accessories makes all the difference. To me, riding at night without a bike light is like going skydiving without the parachute. Not only is it dangerous for me, but for car drivers alike. Having a powerful bike light lets me see and be seen.

This review is on the BYB Cree LED Rechargeable Bike Light. This bike light is like non other I’ve used. It is powerful, durable, and can be also used for applications other than a bike light. As for build quality, the light is encased in a rubber coated plastic material, and due to vents in the plastic and it’s aluminum interior, the light doesn’t get burning hot over use.

The light is equipped with an L2 Cree LED light, which is extremely powerful and emits a nice bright white light otherwise found on high end cars. With the light angled properly, I was able to light up the street up to 100 feet away from me. The light has 3 modes: Bright, Dimmer and Strobe. Due to the fact that it is lightweight and portable, it can also be used as a flashlight. In a photo below I shined the light at trees 40 feet high, and they lit up brightly.

The light mounts to my handlebar with the included silicone mounting straps, and stays in place nicely. Two sizes of mounting straps were included  for smaller and larger diameter handles. The light is powered by a detachable rechargeable power pack, which has a velcro case that I was able to mount on the bike nicely. A power adapter was included in the package to recharge the battery.

Also included in the package was a tail light and a head mount for the light. The tail light has a nice modern red triangular design with silver at it’s base. Powered by 2 AAA batteries, the LED lights in this thing shine brightly and I have no doubt that they will attract other drivers attention. The headcount that is included essentially turns the bike light into a work lamp. It is an elastic strapped mount which stretches over the head or helmet, and the light mounts to the front. Due to the fact that the lights battery is not in the light housing, but rather external, the light doesn’t seem to sag when mounted to my head.

I received this bike light in exchange for my unbiased review, and I would definitely recommend it to those in the market for one.

This bike light can be found over here on Amazon:




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