A Nice Portable Monocular

A monocular, which is in essence half a binocular, is great for those times when a pair of binoculars is too large to carry around. They are good for spotting birds as well as being used as a spotting scope. This small portable monocular by Teyeleec is a nice piece,considering it’s size and price.

This review is on the Teyeleec Qanliiy 10-100×21 Mini Monocular. This monocular has a nice zoom from 10x magnification up to 100x which is great for seeing in the distance. The lens, which is coated, has a diameter of 21mm which is good for many applications, however I wouldn’t use it for fast moving objects or in dark situations, because the smaller the diameter of the lens, the less light it lets in. The eye cup is comfortable and is rubber coated.

On the barrel of the monocular is a tripod mount threaded screw hole, which is great for when using it at long focal lengths, as any little shake will impair your vision. I found the tripod hole in surprise, as there was a little protective screw in it when I received it.

The focus ring was easy to adjust, and it seems like it was generously lubricated. The scope included a carry string, lens cloth and a one lens cover. I would have liked for another lens cover or a small carry case to be included in order to protect the second lens.

I received this monocular in exchange for my unbiased review, and I think it’s a nice product for the price.

This monocular can be found here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1QTsp53




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