This is a Great Way to Start Using Lens Filters

Shooting photos using filters gives me the ability to capture photos the way I like them, without the need for post processing. Lens filters allow me to do things like take long exposures during the day to create really cool photos.
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This Knife is Razor Sharp and Looks Beautiful

A Santoku knife is very similar to the widely used chefs knife, aside from the fact that it has a straighter edge than a chefs knife along with rivets and usually no bolster. This review is on a great knife by Zelite Infinity.
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This is One Feature Packed Travel Router

Travel routers come in handy in many instances, and I don’t reserve them just for travel, I use them all the time. They work great for converting wired hotel internet into wireless hotspots, or as a range extender. With so many models available, it is extremely hard to choose one. Here is a review on a feature packed model that I love.
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This Tool Really Measures Up

A common tool found in the average toolbox is the tape measure. Tape measures com in many shapes and sizes, with different features. They come with caveats though, for example they tend to bend if not extended over a surface. This requires me to use two people to handle the tape measure, one holding the tool and one holding the other end. Also, tape measures restrict me on the length they can reach. This review is on a distance measuring tool that fixes both of these problems.
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Great ND 8 Stop Filter With No Color Cast

Lens filters are used to achieve photo effects that can affect the colors and other aspects of the photo. Some of these effects can only be done in camera, and not in post processing. An ND filter is used to block some of the light entering the lens and hitting the sensor. This allows me to use longer shutter speeds even in bright daylight conditions. Here are some things I like about this filter.
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A Great Way To Get Started in Photography Lighting

The key to good photography, whether the subject be a person or a product, is proper exposure. Having ample lighting ensures for a well balanced photo. In some cases, natural daylight can be used which can be very nice, however in some weather conditions this is not possible. That is why an external lighting system is needed. Read on to see what I think about this lighting kit.
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A Nice Power Conserving Desk Lamp

LED desk lamps are becoming very popular for a few reasons, and most notably because they consume much less power than a traditional light bulb, and because you never have to change the bulb. This makes the lamp money saving and convenient.
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This Long Legged Tripod Will Keep Your Camera Sturdy

Tripods come in handy in many instances of photography. From landscapes to slow shutter speeds to windy conditions, a sturdy tripod is a must. Without one, these photos wouldn’t be. I tend to use tripods a lot in studio too, as it helps me get uniform commercial photos. Read on to see what I think about this nice tripod.
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High Quality Circular Polarizer Filter

Lens filters open up a new window to photographers, allowing them to add effects to the photo in-camera. There are many types of filters on the market, such as UV filters, Polarizer filters, ND filters, and even colored filters. This review is on the Circular Polarizing Filter, a very common filter among photographers.These filters are commonly used to remove haze as well as reflections from photos. Meaning, you can shoot a photo through a glass window and not have to worry about reflections. These filters can also increase saturation, providing more vibrant colors.
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My Favorite Dashcam So Far!

Until recently, dashcams were primarily used in law enforcement vehicles as well as in taxis, but the are becoming more and more popular among the average driver due to their many benefits. Having a dashcam in the car gives me peace of mind, knowing that my drive is being recorded. They are very useful in traffic accidents, parking accidents, as well as insurance fraud, which is becoming very common these days. Here is a review on my current favorite dashcam.
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