A Powerful Speaker Amp with Great Build Quality

For every speaker, there’s an amp. Whether you are setting up a home theater system or just a simple bookshelf speaker setup, choosing the right amplifier and speaker configuration is important in order to get the best sound producible. Here is a review on a very small well built and powerful speaker amplifier. Continue reading “A Powerful Speaker Amp with Great Build Quality”

Opia2: A Blackbox for your Car

With the rate of traffic accidents climbing each year, along comes a higher chance of having one. Even the best of drivers get into accidents, albeit caused by the irresponsible driving habits of others. Recently there have been numerous cases of insurance fraud, where innocent drivers would suddenly be struck by a cyclist who’s motive was to collect insurance from the driver of the car. The only real way to prove your innocence in such cases is through video footage. Enter the dashcam.

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A Great Drawing Tablet For The Buck

When doing post production on photographs, there are a lot of small details that must be fixed, such as pimples on a persons face, or simply a small scratch on a product. A good graphic artist pays very close attention to detail, and in order to do so you need more than just a computer mouse. Graphics tablets open up a whole new world for artists. Whether it’s editing a photo or drawing a masterpiece, it allows you to control every nuance of movement to enable you to produce a masterpiece.

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Great Dashcam with WiFi Streaming

 Traffic accidents are extremely prevalent in my neighborhood, it’s almost as if the drivers didn’t take a driving course. It’s no fun getting into an accident, especially when it comes to dealing with the insurance company. You say one thing, and the police report says something else. The only way to rest assured is to have a video recording of the situation. Read on to see what I think about the DDPai Mini 2 Dashcam.
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A Great Portable SSD Drive with a Swappable Case

Standard hard drives are becoming a thing of the past, and it’s not for no reason. With solid state drives becoming cheaper and cheaper, there’s really no reason not to switch over. SSD’s provide speeds of multiple times the speed of older standard hard drives, meaning that file copy rates are a lot shorter, and windows starting times are much faster too. Plus, with an SSD you don’t really have to worry about the drive breaking because there are no internal moving components, unlike a standard HDD.
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A Great LED Desk Lamp that’s Great on the Eyes

LED lights are becoming the norm, and it’s not for no reason. Aside from being cheap to operate, LED bulbs last much longer than traditional bulbs meaning that you will practically never have to replace them. Read on to see what I think about this table lamp.
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There’s Nothing Like Having Beer On Tap… At Home!

Ever leave a bar or restaurant thinking hey that was a great beer, and then when you buy the bottled version from the store it doesn’t taste nearly as good? Well the truth is that draft beer has less bitterness and lower carbonation compared to the bottled beer. Up until recently, one had to go to the bar to get that “on tap” taste, but thanks to the novel machine by Fizzics, this deliciousness is now available right at home.
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This Car Vacuum Will Fit In Your Glove Compartement

I feel that many people out there are constantly washing and shining the exterior of their car, but when it comes to the interior, not much attention is paid. This is similar to washing the siding of ones house, but leaving the inside a mess. Due to the fact that I spend a large amount of every day in my car, it is of top priority to keep it clean. This makes sure it doesn’t smell, and prevents bugs from inhabiting. Without the proper equipment it can be hard to keep the car clean, as not everyone is able or even capable to drag their household vacuum to the car. This is where the car vacuum comes in.

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The Most Comfortable Camera Strap

A quality camera strap is probably my most important camera accessory, as my cameras life dangles from it. No one would go rappelling with a weak harness and rope. With all the bouncing around on the strap, some cheaper straps tend to weaken in areas like the stitching, or even the clips, threatening the cameras life. Here is a review on my favorite camera strap, which is not only made exceptionally well, but is also very comfortable.

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