This Tool Will Help You Find Studs and Electrical Wires Hiding Behind Walls

Stud finders are used to find framing studs that are hidden behind a finished wall. They can also be used to find electrical wires hiding behind the wall. This proves to be extremely helpful when banging a nail into the wall to hang up a picture frame, allowing you to pinpoint the exact location of the stud, to ensure the nail grips into it.

This stud finder by Dr. Meter runs on a 9V battery, which was included in the package. The meter is well designed and easy to hold, thanks to it’s rubber coated surface. At the rear of the unit are little felt pads, which help the meter smoothly glide along the wall without scratching it.

The unit is powered on with it’s dedicated power button on the front of the screen, and you are greeted with a green back lit display. Right beside the power button is an arrow button which can be used to choose the preferred scanning mode.

This scanner has five scanning modes:Three of the modes are for scanning for studs, in which you can select the thickness of the surface. You can select 1/2 inch, 1 inch, and 3/2 inch.

The other two scanning modes are for metal, such as pipes and rebar, and lastly electrical wire. Scanning for electrical wire is a great feature because it gives me peace of mind when drilling holes into the wall.

I find the stud finder to be pretty accurate in it’s findings, and it’s modes really easy to use. Scanning with the unit is a simple as holding down the scan button, which is conveniently located where I would place my thumb.

I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.

This stud finder can be found over here on Amazon:



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