These Bulbs will Save You Cash…

Just a little while back, when you needed a light bulb you just went to the local hardware store and picked up an incandescent bulb. Nowadays there are so many new options on the market such as CFL and LED bulbs. CFL bulbs brought down the price per watt of electricity by a landslide, but they contain mercury and can be a great danger if broken. LED bulbs on the other hand have not only brought down the operation costs of the bulb but they are also safer to operate and remain cool to the touch. Read on to find out more of what I think about these light bulbs.

This review is on the Vivid Lighting LED Bulb Sample Pack. This sample pack of LED bulbs contains 2 bulbs, one warm white colored bulb and one daylight white colored bulb. LED bulbs usually come in warm white or daylight white and cool white. The daylight colored bulb is a pure white bulb with no hint of yellow or blue. The warm white bulb has a more yellowish tone to it, causing a nice warm environment. Although not included in this pack, cool white bulbs produce a white with a blueish tone which can be harsh to the eyes.

Aside from the very low cost to operate these bulbs, these bulbs stay cool to the touch, even after long periods of use. This is a great benefit as they are much safer than incandescent and CFL bulbs. Iv’e had bulbs that discolored lamp shades due to heat, but there is no such concern with these bulbs.

I received these bulbs at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on them.

Thes LED bulbs can be found here on Amazon:



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