The Voom with Lots of Boom!

Music is what we live to, our hearts pound to the beat of music. But whats more important is the way we play our music. There are many portable speakers out there that just don’t add up properly. Most speakers are either rugged looking, don’t put out enough power, have mediocre quality or come with a high price tag. If only there were a speaker that solved all those. Enter the VAVA Voom.

This review is on the VAVA Voom Portable Bluetooth Speaker. The speaker came in a box almost as attractive as the speaker itself. Just from the impeccable packaging alone I was able to tell that this was a quality speaker. In the box was the speaker, a clear user manual, a wall charger, and Micro USB and AUX cables with gold plated connectors. 

As for build quality, this things built like a tank, but a beautiful tank. The oval design with the wrap around metal mesh grill are just appealing. The top of the unit is imprinted with the modern looking VAVA logo, and is accompanied by power, Bluetooth, hands free, equalizer, play/pause, and volume buttons. Along with the buttons is a NFC pad which can be used to quickly connect to your phone. At the rear of the unit is where the wire terminals are. There is an Aux port, a USB output port, a USB charging port and a DC charging port. Having the ability to charge my phone through the speaker is very convenient and a great feature.

Setting up the speaker for the first time was very easy, as all I had to do was press the Bluetooth button for 2 seconds and then pair it with my phone. The Bluetooth ID was “VAVA VOOM” and there was no pin needed. Once connected I was immediately able to immerse myself in it’s wonderful audio quality.

The speaker has 2 5W drivers, a 10W subwoofer, and two passive radiators one behind each speaker, which creates an unparalleled sound. To further enhance my music, I was able to choose from 3 EQ modes: Classic, Party & Surround. The Classic mode provides a very nice balance of sound from the bass, mids and highs. The Party mode the Bass is more pronounced and in some songs it shook my desk. The Surround mode well gives the music a surround sound effect similar to the ‘concert hall’ effect found on some EQs.

I received this wonderful speaker at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.

This speaker can be found over here on Amazon:


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