This Knife is Razor Sharp and Looks Beautiful

A Santoku knife is very similar to the widely used chefs knife, aside from the fact that it has a straighter edge than a chefs knife along with rivets and usually no bolster. This review is on a great knife by Zelite Infinity.

The knife came packaged in a very nice magnetic closured box, ready to be gifted in. The knife was seated in a red velvet laser cut foam padding, and the tip of the blade had a little plastic protector on it to keep it from dulling during shipment.

To me, a good knife has to be comfortable to hold, and retain it’s sharpness, and this is a great example of these characteristics. The blade of the knife is made of high carbon Japanese stainless steel. On the blade are 14 rivets which helps the food glide off the blade after it is cut. I really love the design on the blade as it makes the knife look really professional.

This knife is made with a full tanged design, meaning the the blades metal extends into the core of the handle, giving it more rigidity. The handle is made out of a nice grippy material which has a carbon fiber look to it. A copper medallion embellishes the blade.

Overall, I use this knife a lot in a commercial kitchen and am very pleased with it’s abilities. It works great to chop up vegetables, and to fillet chicken. I am a big fan of Zelite knives and this one is a rock star.

I received this knife at a discounted rate in exchange of my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.

This knife can be found over here on Amazon:



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