This Chefs Knife has a Great Blade and a Comfortable Handle

Chef knives are the most important tool in the kitchen, and that’s why it is imperative to have one that suits you. There are many types on the market made out of various metals and with a variety of handle designs. The most important thing I look for in a knife is comfort, because after all, this is the most used tool in my kitchen.

This review is on the Zelite Infinity Chef Knife. This knife by Zelite Infinity arrived packaged in a nice gift box with a magnetic closure. The box was lined with red felt covered foam, which was laser cut to secure the knife perfectly. The box looks good enough to be given as a gift.

The blade of the knife is made of High Carbon ThyssenKrupp Stainless Steel, which is rust resistant and keeps it’s edge very nicely. The blade is sharpened to around 15 degrees per side, which provides a very sharp cut. This is very useful when cutting soft skinned foods, like tomatoes, where the knife can just glide right through without smashing it.

The knife has a full tanged design, which means that the steel extends into the handle. This one piece design ensures solidity and provides nice weight to the handle, allowing for a well balanced knife. The handle is rounded and is very comfortable to hold. It is covered with a rubber grip which not only makes it more comfortable to hold, but also makes it non slip.

In all, I am very happy with the knife, it is very comfortable to use, and retains its edge very well. I would recommend it to those in the market for one.

I received this knife at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.

This knife can be found over here on Amazon:




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