There’s Nothing Like Having Beer On Tap… At Home!

Ever leave a bar or restaurant thinking hey that was a great beer, and then when you buy the bottled version from the store it doesn’t taste nearly as good? Well the truth is that draft beer has less bitterness and lower carbonation compared to the bottled beer. Up until recently, one had to go to the bar to get that “on tap” taste, but thanks to the novel machine by Fizzics, this deliciousness is now available right at home.

The machine came packaged in a nicely designed box with beautiful graphics. The machine was pretty much assembled aside from the little lever which simply pops onto the top, no tools needed. The machine has a similar build to a counter top coffee machine, like a Keurig, and has a nice modern look to it. It is matte black with silver accents.

Using the machine is pretty straight forward. Simply open the top compartment, place an open bottle into it, and place the rubber suction hose into the bottle. After closing the lid and latching it, we are ready to tap. The beer is dispensed by pulling the leaver forward, and I would suggest that you hold your beer glass at an angle when filling it up. When the glass is ready to be topped, simply hold the glass straight and push the leaver backward. Do note that when the bottle becomes empty, the machine may spray a little, so hold the glass close to the dispenser.

I like the fact that I can use this machine with beers of many types and sizes, and I get good results with them. It provides me with a more fragrant beer with a nice frothy head. I wash the unit when I am done by placing a cup of water in the unit and dispensing it, and thanks to the removable rubber drip tray, cleaning is easy. Being that it is battery powered lets me take it anywhere without power restrictions, however I would have liked to also have a wall plug.

I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.

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