There is a famous fact that it is important to let red wine breathe. Letting the wine breathe triggers oxidation and evaporation of undesirable compounds such as sulfates and ethanol which can give wine a strong scent. The traditional way to aerate wine is to let it sit open for an hour or two, but this is not always practical. Thanks to wine aerators, we can now enjoy aerated wine right after opening the bottle.

This review is on the TRIbella Wine Aerator. Wines are a hobby of mine, and making sure a bottle tastes as good as it’s price tag isn’t hard when you have the right tools. The aerator came in a modern clamshell case packed in a nicely designed box, nice enough to give as a gift. There are many aerators out there, but I find that what sets this one apart is obviously it’s looks. A lot of them are big and bulky but this is small and sleek with a modern design.

Using the aerator is very simple, as the only step is putting it into the bottle. Just make sure the little air hole on the black rubber is pointing up. The aerator is very easy to clean as well under tap water. The aerator fit all my bottles well, and it’s rubber collar provides a good seal. I love how the wine comes out of three different spouts. It is elegant looking and also allows more air to get in contact with the wine.

For those that think that aerating wine is just a myth, try it for yourself. It really works. I received this wine aerator at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.

This wine aerator can be found over here on Amazon:


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