A boning knife is usually composed of a thin flexible and curved blade, usually measuring 5 to 7 inches. These knives are designed to get into small spaces to detach meat from bones as well as skin from chicken.

This boning knife by Dalstrong is part of their Shogun Series of knives. The knife came in a very classy gift box with a magnet closure, and included a handy booklet with instructions on how to properly use the knife as well as care instructions for the knife. Also included in the box was a nice key chain with the Dalstrong emblem on it and a soft cleaning cloth.

The knife has a very professional look and feel to it, comparable to other premium knives on the market. The handle of the knife is composed of a fiberglass like material held in place by 3 rivets and fits in the palm of my hand comfortably. Beyond the bolster of the blade is a sharp six inch blade with a Japanese design. 

This series of knives are made out of VG-10 Japanese steel at 62+ Rockwell hardness, consisting of 66 layers of high carbon stainless steel, ensuring a constant sharp blade and good stain resistance. The blades are sharpened at 8-12 degrees on each side which enables for perfectly thin fillets and precise bone removal. When compared to a knife of German steel, this knife has a sharper thinner blade thereby making it weigh less and it is accompanied with beautiful intricate designs.

Overall while using this knife, I was able to get clean smooth cuts whether it was butterflying chicken cutlets or deboning fillets of fish, it did the job well. Included with the knife was a quality sheath to protect the blade, which is great a great way to keep the blade sharp for longer.

I received this knife at a discounted price in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the knife.

This knife can be found over here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/296xMzX



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