Good Quality Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Bluetooth speakers are extremely popular these days due to their portability, sound quality and price point. Gone are the day where you would have to lug around that old clunky stereo system as these speakers are so portable that some of them even fit in your pocket. But don’t let size fool you as these little guys can pack a punch!

This review is on the iClever 10W Wireless Speakers with Enhanced Bass. The first thing I noticed about this speaker was it’s nice perforated gray aluminum body which curves at it’s sides. The top of the unit sports five buttons, which include a power button, play/pause, Bluetooth, and two arrow buttons for track controls. There is also a microphone located on the top for Bluetooth phone calls. The Bluetooth light blinks blue when turned on.

At the side of the unit is a rubber door which covers an AUX port and a micro USB port for charging. As an added bonus, a micro USB cable and AUX cable were included in the package. This makes this guy fully usable right out of the box.

The sound quality is what you would expect out of a speaker in this price range, it’s clear and got some bass. At the highest volume though the sound got a little distorted with bass heavy songs. The speaker has two 5 watt speakers proving a total of 10 watts of sound. 

Using the speaker via AUX is as simple as plugging the provided AUX cable into both devices. Playing music over Bluetooth was also easy. To get the speaker into pairing mode, I just held down the Bluetooth button for a few seconds, then I found the speaker in my phones Bluetooth menu, and I was able to connect.

I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.

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