BYB E-481 LED Desk Lamp

There is nothing like doing work, sketching or just reading a book at a desk, with proper lighting. It changes the mood and is also good for the eyes. Different settings call for different temperature lights, for example at night you don’t want a bright light, but then during the day you want a light that will fill in the shadows from the sun.

This review is on the BYB E-481 LED Desk Lamp. This LED desk lamp by BYB, is feature rich, well constructed and looks great on my desk. It’s aluminum body is rigid and modern looking. The lamp can be angled in almost any direction, and can also folded flat for storage or travel. The head of the lamp can rotate to both sides which gives me more control over the light, and encloses 120 LEDs which are covered by a plastic diffuser which softens the lights output.

At the base of the unit are a few touch controls, which include an on/off button, a mode button and a touch slide dimmer. The lights all emit a dim blue light so finding the buttons in the dark isn’t a problem. The mode button can be pressed to change the temperature of the light from cool to warm with multiple settings in between. Dimming the light is very easily done by just sliding my finger across the touch dimmer, and the light transitions from one brightness level to the other smoothly.

The lamp is powered by a 12v adapter which is included, and it can also charge a phone/tablet via the 2A USB port at the rear of the unit.

I received this lamp in exchange for my honest review, and I am very impressed with it’s build quality as well as it’s feature set.

This lamp can be found here on Amazon:

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