An Excellent Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Having a home security camera system not only helps keep your family and belongings safe, but it can also lower insurance rates as well as allow you to keep tabs on your property while away. This security camera by HooToo is packed with great features and is a highly compatible product.

This review is on the HooToo Wireless IP Pan/Tilt Security Camera. The build quality of the camera is excellent in my opinion, and has a matte black finish which gives it a professional look. The camera can be connected in multiple ways with it’s prewired cables, including a composite video and audio out, which can be used to manually wire to a DVR recorder, and an Ethernet port and wireless antenna which can be used for more sophisticated recording via a computer. The camera arrived packed very nicely, and included the following accessories: A wireless antenna, and Ethernet cable, a power adapter, a CD and some mounting screws.

The included CD had all the software and manuals I needed to get the camera running, and it really wasn’t hard at all. I inserted the CD into my computer, and then copied all the contents to a new folder on my desktop. I then uncompressed the compressed files so that I can run them. The first thing I did was screw the wireless antenna onto the camera, plug the power cable in and it powered on. Next, I used the included Ethernet cable to connect the camera to my homes network router.

On the CD was a program called “Search IP Cam”, which let me find the camera on the network. Just to note, make sure you have the proper network selected if you have multiple network cards on your computer, such as a wired network and wireless network. When the program found the camera, I double clicked it and it’s IP address was opened in my browser. I was then greeted with the login page, where I entered the default Username and Password which were both “admin”.

I was then able to configure the cameras settings, like changing the coloring as well as setup the wireless functionality and changing the password. There are also directional arrows which allowed me to pan and tilt the camera wirelessly, as well as zoom in and out. Overall I am really impressed with the video quality and it’s very minimal lag. This camera probably has the least amount of lag between when the action happens and when it is displayed on the screen. There were also settings for camera cruising and motion detection.

The cameras feed is also accessible with it’s free app “MyCam Pro” which I downloaded from the Google Play Store. From the app I was able to connect to my camera by entering the Username and Password (which can be assigned from the browser settings page under “Network Settings” -> “P2P Settings”. The app allows me to view the cameras footage as well as take snapshots and videos.

I received this camera at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.

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