A Sharp Ceramic Knife!

Ceramic knives have become popular among home chefs due to their sharpness and and ease of cleanliness. Not only do these knives stay sharp longer than steel knives, but they are also not prone to rust and stains. A simple rinse under water cleans these knives very well. This knife by Vos is a very good one at a nice price point.

This review is on the Vos Ceramic 8 inch Chef Knife. The knife came packed in a very nice gift box, with a laser cut foam insert, nice enough to give as a present to someone who enjoys being in the kitchen. The knife came with a plastic sheath to protect it’s brittle blade. Holding the knife in hand, it is very nicely balanced and comfortable in the hand. It has a little weight to it too, which I did not expect from a ceramic knife, and it feels great. On the blade end of the green grip are little dots protruding from the plastic, which gives further grip to the knife, and is great for wet hands.

The knife cuts really well, going through vegetables like tomatoes, onions cucumbers etc. with ease. I was also able to butterfly chicken cutlets very nicely. Dicing and chopping is very easy using a rocking motion. Just one thing about ceramic knives in general, they are very brittle so don’t bang them on hard surfaces or they will chip. If you are gentle with them, they will be gentle with you.

After purchasing the knife, I received an email from Vos with a free PDF cookbook, which I think is a great way to start using the knife.

I received this knife in exchange for an honest review, and this is my unbiased opinion on the product.

This ceramic knife can be found here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1QciG67


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