A Powerful and Colorful LED Flood Light

Ever pass by a house with beautiful landscape lighting and go “oh wow!”, well I sure have and the truth is that thanks to LED technology outdoor lighting can be very cheap to operate and easy to set up.

This review is on the Mudder 10W RGB LED Flood Light. This outdoor LED light comes in a very compact and slim metal housing with a waterproof rating of IP66. It’s 10 watt light is bright and can be lit in 15 different colors. Aside from using this light for outdoor use, it works well as an indoor flood light for use during parties as well as on stage, and works great when coupled with a fog machine. I find that it also does a nice job at illuminating backdrops for photography.

The included remote is small and thin and is capable of changing the lights colors, as well as changing the lighting mode. The modes are Flash, Strobe, Fade and Smooth and are pretty much self explanatory.

At the rear of the unit is a movable mounting bracket with pre drilled holes, great for mounting on a pole or on the ground. The fact that this light works with LED technology as opposed to a standard light bulb is huge, as it means I won’t have to climb up a ladder to change the bulb again.

I received this LED flood light in exchange for my honest and unbiased review, and I definitely think this is a great LED flood light whether you use it for landscape or ambient lighting.

This LED flood light can be found on Amazon here: http://amzn.to/1QYL8Jl





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