A great bright flashlight!

A flashlight is one of those things that everyone needs to have, in case of a blackout or a roadside emergency. Therefore having a reliable and bright one is important. This flashlight by Loftek is a feature packed one and definitely a good choice.

This review is on the Loftek 3 in 1 Rechargeable 10w LED Flashlight. Housed in a waterproof aluminum body, this flashlight has 3 settings: A 10 watt spot beam, a 12 LED work light and a red/blue emergency strobe. The first to settings are dimmable. The 10 watt spot beam is extremely powerful and I was able to light up over 100ft in distance, and i’m sure it can go farther than that. I wouldn’t recommend looking directly at the beam though as it can harm your eyes. The 12 LED work light is a softer yet bright light great for work under the hood or just reading books. The blue and red emergency strobe light flashes in several patterns, and would be great in a roadside emergency.

Being that this flashlight is rechargeable, I don’t have to go rummaging for those large “D” batteries of yesteryear, rather I just gotta plug the light into the wall with it’s included cable to charge. The one thing that disappointed me about this light is the fact that it uses an unusual charging wire, as apposed to a standard one like a 12V or a USB charger, because if I lose this wire the light is done. But overall I am pleased with the output and build quality of the light.

I received this flashlight in exchange for my honest unbiased review, and I think it is a great flashlight.

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