In a day and age where our lives our always connected, it is wise to make sure there is a good connection. Whether it be your computer, tablet or wireless security system, having a good connection is very important for speed and reliability. Due to the fact that WiFi routers do not have much range, there may be dead zones in ones home or office, and using a WiFi range extender can help to eliminate them.

This review is on the Coredy AC750 Mini WiFi Dual Band Range Extender/ Access Point / Router. This range extender is very simple to use right out of the box. As for build quality, it is excellent feeling like a quality product with no cheap plastic. It sports 3 antennae that help provide a great signal. On the front of the unit is an LED WiFi strength meter, as well as indication lights for WPS, WAN/LAN, LAN, and POWER. There is also a WPS button on the front to facilitate connecting to the unit. On one side is a power switch and on the other side is a 3 way switch to control whether you want it to act like a WiFi repeater,  a router or set it to AP mode. At the bottom are two Ethernet ports, one for LAN and one for WAN/LAN. Both ports can be used easily to connect to a computer with the included Ethernet cable.

Connecting to the unit was very easy being that the included instructions were very straight forward. It can be used as a standalone router, as a  range extender or to create a private wireless AC network. I personally set it up to be used as a WiFi repeater, which entailed plugging it into the wall, connecting to it via WiFi and inputting my current WiFi SSID name and password. Then the unit resets and is ready to use.

I plugged the WiFi repeater in the wall at a location in my home which had a good connection but was on a different floor. The result was having a good connection throughout the whole floor, even in places that previously had bad connections.

I received this range finder in exchange for my honest review, and this is my unbiased thoughts on the product.

This range extender can be found here on Amazon:




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