Having an intervalometer remote is a must especially when taking time lapses and slow shutter speed photography. By using a remote during slow shutter speed photography, you are saving yourself from shaking the camera when pressing the shutter button, to ensure a blurry free photo.

This review is on the Sidande Rst7101 Intervalometer Remote. This remote doesn’t only remotely trigger my camera, but I can program it to take photos at specific intervals. For example I can program it to take a picture every 2 seconds for a minute straight. This can be helpful when photographing children as they tend to bounce around alot. If your camera has a Bulb Shutter option, like my Canon does, you can use this remote to control the shutter, meaning you can hold down the shutter button on the remote for your desired amount of time and release it when you are done. I like this feature a lot because my cameras internal settings only allow me to have a shutter speed of up to 30 seconds, and this remote allows me to do much more than that, up to 99 hours actually!

The remote has a nice feel to it, with a rubbery grip at it’s base.The shutter button can be pressed and locked by pressing it and sliding it up, allowing me to let go of it during long shutter speeds. There is also a backlight button, which is great in cases where I would do astrophotography at night. The unit is powered by 2 AAA batteries, which is a plus as they are readily available all over. The package included a removable cable which fits my Canon T5i perfectly.

I received this remote in exchange for my unbiased review, and I think it is a very useful camera accessory.

This remote can be found over here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/1VUE1G3


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