Tripods come in handy in many instances of photography. From landscapes to slow shutter speeds to windy conditions, a sturdy tripod is a must. Without one, these photos wouldn’t be. I tend to use tripods a lot in studio too, as it helps me get uniform commercial photos. Read on to see what I think about this nice tripod.

This tripod by K&F Concept is made out of a sturdy magnesium aluminum alloy. It has a very nice metallic black finis, and is complimented by nickel accents. The tripod reaches 62 inches when fully extended, and is still reasonably sturdy at that height. Thanks to a hook at the bottom of the center column, the tripod can be made even sturdier by hanging a camera bag from it. The extra weight really helps in windy conditions.

The tripod has three legs and a center column. Each leg has three locking clips, which allow me to extend them to my desired height. One of the legs has a foam cover, which I love, as there is nothing like taking photos out in the cold and having to grab the tripods bare metal, which can get freezing cold! At the base of each leg is a rubber foot, which helps further sturdy the tripod. The legs can be positioned into the angles by pressing the nickle colored clips at the top of each leg. The center column of the tripod can be raised or lowered by simply twisting the rubber ring right under the tripod head. Making this tight helps keep the tripod sturdy.

What I like about the tripod is how versatile it is. It can be raised to 62 inches, and I can even take photos ground level, by mounting my camera upside down. This can be done by twisting the ring at the base of the center column until it comes off, pulling out the center column, and re inserting it upside down. This essentially allows me to shoot at extremely low angles.

The included ball head is a very nice addition too. It has a built in quick release plate which is compatible with my other plates, which is quite convenient. The ball head can be adjusted by turning the rubber knob at it’s side, which loosens the ball. After tightening the knob, my camera sits in the same position and doesn’t droop. I use the tripod with a Canon T5i with a telephoto lens, and it is still sturdy. Etched in to the base of the ball head is a 360 degree scale, which I really like, as it helps me take panoramic shots. The bubble level also helps keep things straight.

Included with the tripod was a high quality padded carry bag with a removable shoulder strap. The case is made out of a heavy duty material with big zippers, and is a good way to protect this little investment. The tripod fits in it nicely when folded up. Talking about folding up, the tripod can be closed in two ways. One like a normal tripod, by just closing up the legs, and another by folding all the legs above the ball head, which essentially makes the folded tripod shorter.

I received this tripod at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.

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