The Most Comfortable Camera Strap

A quality camera strap is probably my most important camera accessory, as my cameras life dangles from it. No one would go rappelling with a weak harness and rope. With all the bouncing around on the strap, some cheaper straps tend to weaken in areas like the stitching, or even the clips, threatening the cameras life. Here is a review on my favorite camera strap, which is not only made exceptionally well, but is also very comfortable.

This camera strap by Custom SLR came packed in a box unassembled, and included a neoprene padded shoulder strap, a glide strap, little connector straps, and a C Loop mount which mounts to any standard tripod thread.

Assembling the strap was very easy. All that was needed to do was connect the appropriate connectors to each other, attach the connector straps to the C Loop and then to the buckle. The strap connects to the camera just like any tripod would, by screwing it in to the tripod mount.

There are many parts of the design that I like. The way the strap is connected to the base of the camera allows the camera to hang naturally, as opposed to attaching the strap to the top of the camera, which causes the camera to wobble more because of the weight of the lens. The strap can be attached to the cameras original strap mounting points by not attaching the C Loop, but that really would defeat the purpose of this strap.

Being able to glide the camera up and down the strap makes it fast easy to take photos. Being that the strap is mounted over the shoulder and not around the neck takes away from the load of the camera, and prevents my neck from getting sore after prolonged use. The buckle comes in handy when I want to remove the camera from it’s strap.

The shoulder portion of the strap is padded with neoprene, which is not only soft, but also stretches. This acts similar to a cars suspension, where it absorbs bumps while I am walking, making carrying my camera effortless. The padding has rubber imprints on it which give it nice grip, making sure it doesn’t slip off my shoulder.

After using many cheaper straps, I finally see the difference in a quality strap. I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.

This camera strap can be found over here on Amazon:
More info can be found on the Custom SLR page here:

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