Great ND 8 Stop Filter With No Color Cast

Lens filters are used to achieve photo effects that can affect the colors and other aspects of the photo. Some of these effects can only be done in camera, and not in post processing. An ND filter is used to block some of the light entering the lens and hitting the sensor. This allows me to use longer shutter speeds even in bright daylight conditions. Here are some things I like about this filter.

This review is on the Gobe 77mm ND8 16 Layer Lens Filter. The filter came packed in a nice translucent hard plastic box with a foam insert, to protect the filter. Also included with the filter was a soft microfiber cloth which really works well to remove smudges and fingerprints from the glass.

The build quality of the filter is excellent in my opinion. Unlike some other filters on the market, this filter is not made up of plastic but rather with Japan Optics glass, and thanks to it’s 16 layer coating it is scratch resistant and not as prone to lens flares.

The frame is made of Magnalium metal and it’s threads screw onto and off of my lenses with ease. The filter is very slim and doesn’t cause vignetting in my photos.

The filter provides me with 3 stops of light reduction, which helps me achieve smooth cloud and water effects shots. With this filter I do not have to wait for it to get dark to take these photos. I also like using this filter for architectural photos, where the motion of the clouds can be blurred around the building.

I received this filter at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.

This filter can be found over here on Amazon:



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