The key to good photography, whether the subject be a person or a product, is proper exposure. Having ample lighting ensures for a well balanced photo. In some cases, natural daylight can be used which can be very nice, however in some weather conditions this is not possible. That is why an external lighting system is needed. Read on to see what I think about this lighting kit.

This lighting kit by Safstar included two light stands with heads, two umbrellas, two 45w CFL bulbs and a carry case. All the contents came nicely packed in the zipper closured carry case in individual boxes, with the bulbs well protected with Styrofoam.

The lights are very easy to assemble, and took me under two minutes to put together. The stands are made of aluminum alloy, which is solid yet light, and are pretty solid. When collapsed, the stand measures 32 inches, and when raised it reaches 90 inches. The stand height is easily adjustable using little knobs. The base of the stand consists of three legs, which are also adjustable with a little knob, and can be folded flat for transportation.

The included light heads mount to the top of the stands and are tightened in place with little thumb screws. The head can be tilted to the desired position, and when tightened, it remains in place. Built in to the head is a slot where the umbrellas can be inserted and tightened. The included umbrellas are 33 inches in diameter, and are made of a reflective white material. They do a nice job of diffusing and reflecting the light. They open and close like traditional rain umbrellas.

Two bulbs were included in the package. They are CFL bulbs, which are more efficient and stay cooler. The bulbs are 45 watts each and produe light at a kelvin of 5500K. Although these bulbs work, I prefer to use bulbs closer to 5000K as they are much closer to natural daylight, and they don’t provide a bluish cast. Just a little tip, save the styrofoam bulb packaging the the bulbs came in as they will be very helpful when transporting the lighting kit to set.

In all, I think this kit is a very nice way to get started in photography lighting, as it is very cheap compared to the professional systems out there, and it does quite a nice job. Check out my sample product photo that I took using only these lights and a white poster board. I received this lighting kit at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.

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