Virtual Reality has taken the world by storm, and until recently this amazing technology has been out of the average consumers reach due to it’s expensive price point. Virtual Reality let’s you immerse yourself in content, whether a movie or a 3D game, Google Street View or a YouTube 3D video, VR makes you feel as if you are there in the action by turning your phone into a large cinema screen and capturing your head movement, creating an all encompassing virtual reality experience.

This review is on the HooToo Virtual Reality 3D Glasses. This VR headset is a high quality pair of specs. As for the construction, it feels like it will survive many falls, as it is made from hard plastic. At the front of the unit is a sliding door which comes in handy if you want to use apps like Google Cardboard Camera, and it also works well to let air into the case to prevent your phone from overheating.

The headset is held into place with Velcro straps which are easily adjustable. Between the goggles and my faces is a foam gasket which provides for a very comfortable fit. My phone fit comfortably into the drawer and was held snug by the spring loaded clamp. At either side of the phone slot are little slots which give me ample access to my phones ports.

As for the optics, they are superb. There are adjustment sliders on top of the headset with which I was able to align the lens with my pupils, by moving the lens left,right up and down. The package did include a soft cloth for cleaning the lenses, which is a plus because over time they do tend to get a little dusty. Also included in the package are little foam stickers which are to be used to help mount your phone in the phone slot.

I received this VR headset in exchange for my honest review, and I do recommend it to those in the market for one.

This VR headset can be found here on Amazon:



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