Ieast AudioCast WiFi Audio Streamer

There are many ways to play music over speakers, but until recently the only way to play music wirelessly was over Bluetooth. While streaming over Bluetooth is convenient, it has its shortfalls, such as limited wireless range, audio quality issues and more. With the advent of WiFi audio streaming devices, not only has wireless audio streaming been improved in range, but also in sound quality.

This review is on the Ieast AudioCast WiFi Audio Streamer. The Ieast AudioCast WiFi Audio Streamer is a great contender in this category for a few reasons. I  was pretty impressed with the build quality and sleek low profile design of the device. On it’s side there is a 3.5mm audio output port, as well as a Micro USB charging port and a WPS WiFi connection button. Included in the package was the streaming device, a charging cable and an AUX cable to connect the unit to my sound system.

Setting up the device was not hard at all. First I plugged the device into a power outlet via a USB charger, and then to my sound system AUX port via the included AUX cable. Then, on my phone I downloaded the AudioCast app from the app store. Next, on my phone I connected to the device via WiFi by searching for a WiFi connection and selecting AudioCast_1278. Then I typed into my phones browser. From there I selected my home network and inputed the network code and hit connect. And I was connected!

Streaming music from my phone was easy via the AudioCast app. I was able to select whether I wanted to play music from my phone, Pandora, TuneIn, iHeartRadio or Spotify. The app has a nice clean design and is pretty responsive.

I received this audio streamer at discount in exchange for my honest review, and I must say I am pretty impressed with this product.

This audio streamer can be purchased here on Amazon:



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