Great Upgrade to an Old Computer!

With so many new peripherals running on USB 3.0, transferring data over USB has become much faster and reliable. The problem is though, that there are still many computer owners that own older computers that don’t have this high speed port, rather they have older USB 2.0 ports which are much slower in speed. This little PCI adapter gives you the ability to upgrade your PC and harness those speeds.

This review is on the UNITEK USB 3.1 PCI  Express Card. The adapter came packaged in an anti static bag neatly packaged in a cardboard box. The anti static bag is a great plus, as these computer parts can be damaged due to static electricity. The build quality of the PCI card seems to be pretty good with solid connections and no loose parts.

Installing the card was very easy. With the computer turned off,  I opened the case by removing the side. Then I located an empty PCI slot and slid the PCI card in. I plugged an available power wire into it’s 4 pronged slot. Next I put a screw in the little metal notch to fasten it to the case. After replacing the computers cover I powered it back on and installed the drivers from the included CD. And Voila! I was done. I now have USB 3.1 ports on my 7 year old computer.

The speed increase was very noticeable when using USB 3.0 flash drives and other accessories. The great part of this PCI card is that it is backwards compatible with my old USB 2.0 and 1.1 devices so I will not have a problem using them with these 2 new ports.

I received this PCI card in exchange for my honest review, and these are my true thoughts on the product.

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