GMYLE Wireless AC450 802.11ac Network Adapter

My laptop has an older wireless card and I wanted to update it. The problem was that the laptop manufacturer locked the bios to only accept internal wireless cards purchased from them, so I couldn’t upgrade my internal card. I had to buy an external USB wireless card, and since this was for my laptop, I didn’t want it to be too large. The Gmyle Wireless AC450 Nano sized wireless card is what I used to upgrade.

This wireless card uses 802.11 AC bands, which is capable of speeds up to 433Mbps, which is a great improvement over my old 2.4 GHz wireless card. It’s micro size means that I wont have to remove it from the USB port every time I place my laptop in it’s bag. Check out the pics below for size comparisons. There is a blue status LED that blinks subtly when the network is connected. The wireless card is equipped with the Realtek RTL8811AU Chipset, which is nice to see since Realtek has a background in wireless routers.

The wireless card came with an installation CD to install the “Realtek USB Wireless LAN Utility” which is used to connect to networks. There are multiple settings including turning the wireless radio off, virtual WiFi, WPS settings and more.

I received this wireless adapter at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion on it.

This wireless adapter can be purchased on Amazon at this link:




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