Charge Your Phone with the Sun!

Portable USB chargers have become so popular as they are very practical. They allow you to charge your phone or other device anywhere anytime, even in remote locations with no power. I take these with me on hikes, trips and even the regular stroll to the mall. There’s nothing like your phone dying in middle of the day disconnecting you from your social world.

This review is on the WESDAR Portable 5000 mAh Solar Panel Charger. This portable USB charger is not your regular charger as it has a built in solar panel which can be used to charge the battery. This can really come in handy while hiking where there are no power outlets to charge the battery. There is a LED power meter built in with 3 LED lights which show you the current power level, and a fourth LED light which lets you know that it is charging. This fourth LED light is extremely essential because it gives you a visual alert that it is receiving power whether by sun or power cable.

The build quality of the charger is very nice being that it is shockproof and rain proof due to it’s rubber bumper. To one side of the charger is a USB power input to charge the battery and an output to charge my phone, and to the other side is another output, meaning I can charge 2 phones simultaneously with it’s 5000 mAh of juice.

The device included a carabeener hook which can be used to hang the charger from my backpack so it can charge while just hanging. There is also a built in LED flashlight which can be turned on by pressing the power button 2 times quickly. An included micro USB cable meant I was able to charge my phone right out of the box.

I received this charger at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on it.

This charger can be found over here on Amazon:





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