An Excellent Remote to Control my Computer and Android Devices

With the advent of Android TV boxes, smart TVs, and other Android products, came the need for a proper all in one controller to ease the use of the products. There are many all in one remotes on the market, but to me this one stands out from the pack.

This review is on the Gemtune Wireless Keyboard & Mouse Remote Control. This remote from Gemtune has a plethora of features and is really easy to use. Setting up the remote was as simple as loading two AAA batteries into the battery bay, and plugging in the tiny 2.4 GHz dongle into my devices USB port. After plugging it into my computer and Android TV box, I was instantly able to use the remote, with no drivers needed.

The remote can act like a computer mouse by pressing the little mouse button at the rear of the remote. Using the mouse is as easy as twisting the wrist, as that is precisely how you control the mouse. Right clicking is done by pressing the “OK” button and left clicking is done by pressing the “Back” button. Hitting the “Home” button while on a webpage scrolls the page to the top. 

Along with the mouse buttons, the rear of the remote sports buttons for controlling the volume, and power of the device. There is also an arrow pad for navigating menus. On the front of the remote is yet another arrow pad and a full qwerty keyboard. The keyboard for me is probably the best part of the remote, as there is nothing worse than having to use the arrow buttons on a standard remote to type information onto the screen. The keyboards buttons are soft and comfortable to use.

I received this remote at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest review, and these are my unbiased thoughts on the product.

This remote can be found on Amazon right here:



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