A Powerful Speaker Amp with Great Build Quality

For every speaker, there’s an amp. Whether you are setting up a home theater system or just a simple bookshelf speaker setup, choosing the right amplifier and speaker configuration is important in order to get the best sound producible. Here is a review on a very small well built and powerful speaker amplifier.

This review is on the SMSL SA50 speaker amplifier. The amplifier arrived packaged nicely, and included a power adapter. The unit produces two channels of 50 watts each via banana plugs, and has an RCA audio input, all of which are located at the rear of the unit. Also at the rear is the power input. I like the fact that all the connections at the rear are labeled nicely and feel solid.

At the front of the unit is a power button, and a blue LED illuminated volume dial, which gives it a nice modern touch. The button and volume dial feel solid to the touch. The overall construction of the unit is very good in my opinion, as it has an all brushed metal body which is finished in black.

As for sound quality, I was very impressed with what it produces, especially at this price point. There is very low distortion when powering 4 ohm speakers at a decent volume. The sound produced is crisp in the highs and nice in the lows too.

The small form factor makes this device take up a small footprint on my desk, and makes it portable too. I would recommend this small amp to those in the market for one.

This amp can be found over here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2gCXVKW



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