A Great Drawing Tablet For The Buck

When doing post production on photographs, there are a lot of small details that must be fixed, such as pimples on a persons face, or simply a small scratch on a product. A good graphic artist pays very close attention to detail, and in order to do so you need more than just a computer mouse. Graphics tablets open up a whole new world for artists. Whether it’s editing a photo or drawing a masterpiece, it allows you to control every nuance of movement to enable you to produce a masterpiece.

This review is on the Huion DWH69 Wireless Drawing Tablet. The Tablet was very well packed, and included a wireless pen, extra nibs, a pen/nib holder, charging wires, and a carry bag. In the aesthetics department, this tablet excels as it looks beautiful on my desk. I really like the metallic silver finish on the edges. The tablet sports a 6″ x 9″ active drawing area, with a high resolution of 5080 LPI compared to the Wacom Intuos Art, which only has 2540 LPI.

At the left of the drawing area is an LCD display, with four buttons above and underneath it. The LCD just displays the battery level, pen status, and button pressing status. Nothing really special. The 8 buttons though can be customized to do pretty much anything in the program you are using it with. I use it with Photoshop, and it really is great having these little shortcuts at my side.

One of the things I like about this tablet is it’s ability to be used wirelessly, using the included wireless dongle. The dongle can be placed in a designated compartment under the unit. The tablet can also be used with the included micro USB wire by connecting to the computer, and this also charges the units internal battery.

The included pen is very responsive, and it is pretty pressure sensitive. The pen is comfortable to hold, thanks to the rubber grip at it’s base. There are two customizable buttons on the pen which give me further control of my workflow. Built in to the pen is a non removable battery which gets charged with the included wire, but it would have been nice if it was rechargeable by Micro USB like the tablet itself. The battery life of the pen seems pretty good so far, as one 2 hour full recharge lasts me days.

I received this unit at a special rate for an unbiased review, and these are my thoughts on the product.

This tablet can be found over here on Amazon: http://amzn.to/2e8Vf7I

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