Review: Thinksound rain3 Wood Earbuds

Things that come to mind that I look for when purchasing earbuds are sound quality, build quality, ergonomics and sound isolation. I feel that this pair of in ear headphones excel in all these areas, and they look great too. Read on to find out more about what I think about these headphones.

The Thinksound rain3 earphones came packaged in a modest bleached cardboard box covered in a nicely designed paper sleeve, and included 4 sets of ear tips, a wire clip, and an eco friendly carry case.

In the looks department, these things win first place. The body of each earphone is rounded and made of a nice mahogany colored wood, and is encompassed by a metal ring engraved with L/R. The ear tips are silicone and there’s one for every size ear canal. The cable is made of an anti tangle PVC material and meets a bullet shaped chrome splitter about a third of the way down, and finishes in a unique 45 degree angle 3.5mm gold plated plug.

As for sound quality, these earphones produce a nice mellow sound, thanks to the wooden body. The highs, as well as the mids, are very nice at normal levels, and have lots of detail. The lows tend to be a little stronger which is great for bass heavy songs, however it is not overpowering.

In all, I am pretty impressed with these earphones as there’s a great build/sound quality to price ratio, and lots to be liked. The only thing I’d say is missing from this package is playback controls as it is a standard feature in earphones these days. For me it’s not really a problem, as I use these earphones via a USB C to 3.5mm headphone adapter because my phone doesn’t have a dedicated headphone output.

These earphones can be found right here on Amazon:

LeEco S3 Review l This is a Supercharged Phone!

The smartphone market took a turn for the good when smaller companies started putting out quality products that were up to spec albeit the lower price. This not only forced the big companies to up their quality game, but also lower prices. One of the newly released models to this game is the LeEco S3.

The LeEco S3 is made by a company with a big name in the Asian markets, and made it’s groundbreaking here in America recently. Aside from phones, they also make high quality TVs. I purchased this phone during their big Cyber Monday Sale at $129, and at that price this phone is a beast! Plus, the phone comes unlocked and is ready to use with most GSM networks out of the box.

The phone came packed in a really nicely designed box, along with a screen protector pre installed, a clear silicone case, a USB C cable, a QC 3.0 charger, a pair of earbuds, and a USB C to 3.5mm jack adapter.  This phone uses the new USB C jack, so accessories aren’t as available yet, but the included earbuds and earbud adapter work great. The included earbuds fit well in the ears and sound nice. They even light up when plugged in, which gives them a nice touch. I usually use Bluetooth headphones when using the phone for music, this way I ca charge the phone and listen at the same time.

The phones build quality is like what you would expect of a phone costing three times it’s price. The phones all metal unibody case makes it look and feel premium, and the edge to edge 5.5 inch 403 ppi display is just breathtaking.  Above the display is a front facing 8 MP camera which does a great job at selfies and video calls, and at the rear of the phone is a 16 MP camera which is capable of 4K video. Underneath the rear camera is a fingerprint scanner. The phones speaker is located down near the USB C charging jack. As an unexpected bonus, there is an IR blaster at the top of the phone for use as a TV remote.

Good looks aside, this phone is spec worthy too. The phone is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 652 octa core processor, has 3GB RAM, 32GB of internal memory and a dual SIM card slot. I used to be skeptical about getting phones without Micro SD slots, but 32GB seems to be enough for me now as most of my media is streamed from online. Talking about streaming, the phone included a 3 month free pass to DirecTV NOW and LeEco Pass.

One thing everyone hates about this phone is the stock user interface. I too did not like it at all, so I just use the Google Launcher on the phone and I don’t have any problem with it. Another nuisance is that the Android quick settings buttons are not located in the drop down notifications menu, but they are rather pulled up by hitting the square recent apps button. This was very annoying at first, but I got used to it right away. A common fix for this is to download the “Power Toggles” app from the app store.

As for speed, this phone lives up to everything I throw at it, and battery life is pretty solid too. The battery saver option also works quite well.

This phone has lots of customization options, for example I can long press the back button and it will turn on the flashlight, or I can program each of my fingerprints to do specific actions like open the camera app.

As for customer service, I have so far had a great experience. There is a feedback app which comes pre loaded on the phone, and if you are having any issues with the phone or want to suggest ideas to LeEco, you can just fill out a little form and send it in. The great part is that someone actually gets back to you in a reasonable time frame with advice!

After using this phone for two months, I highly recommend this phone to anyone in the market for a jam packed high quality phone at a low price point.

This phone can be found over here on Amazon:


thinksound On2: These Headphones are Unreal!

When it comes to monitoring music, accurate sound production is extremely critical. Here is a review on a great sounding, great feeling pair, which in my opinion has lots of bang for the buck.

The thinksound On2 headphones arrived packaged neatly in a form fitting recycled corrugated cushioning within the box, and the included accessories were located underneath it. Included with the headphones were two cables, one with a smartphone remote and one without, and the construction of both cables is very good as they are both covered in a woven material and are Kevlar reinforced. Aside from the two cables, a nice white carry pouch with draw strings was also included.

Build quality of the headphones are what you would expect from an expensive pair. The speaker housing are made of natural wood and are finished in a nice varnish with the company name engraved on them. The ear pads feature a very comfortable memory foam padding which is covered in a leather like material. The headband is flexible and also covered in the leather like material, and is extendable up to approximately an inch on both sides.

Although I have owned a few pairs of on ear headphones, I am more of an around the ears headphones guy because they naturally don’t put any pressure on your ears, making long listening sessions comfortable. This pair didn’t give me this problem at all, probably due to the mixture of soft ear pads and a flexible headband. Another factor that makes these comfortable to wear is the fact that they are very light weight, something I don’t get from over ear headphones like the circumaural M50’s.

I tested the headphones both with a Fiio amp and without, and received great results with both. These headphones handled well with Yiruma’s River Flows in You in FLAC. Hearing the resonance of every press of the damper peddle is just the begining. Songs like Faded by Alan Walker were super crisp, and even bass heavy songs don’t dissapoint even the volume is maxed out. I didn’t experience any distortion in sound due to high volume levels from any of the high bitrate tracks I played.

It’s important to note that these headphones have little sound leakage, and the sound isolation is pretty solid for being passive headphones. In all, these headphones are my new favorites, as they pack in sound quality, build quality, and looks in one compact package!

These headphones can be found over here on Amazon:

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This Backup Camera has Great Build Quality

While a lot of new cars include a built in backup camera, some cars require an aftermarket camera to be installed. An aftermarket camera system doesn’t have to be expensive, and it is a job any handy person can do himself. This camera is meant to be plugged into a car head unit, and in my case I was replacing an existing camera that wasn’t working properly. Read on to see what I think about this camera. Continue reading “This Backup Camera has Great Build Quality”

This Dashcam Will Guard Your Rear Too!

Ever since dashcams  became popular, companies have been adding more and more features to them, making their functionality endless. This model has an interesting feature, in that it includes two cameras, one of which can be placed in the rear window of the car. This fills the void that a single camera system would leave. With a rear facing camera you can record footage of rear end accidents, which are ever so common, and you you can even document a road trip from another vantage point. Read on to hear what I think about this dashcam. Continue reading “This Dashcam Will Guard Your Rear Too!”

Your Car Can Run Android Too!

These days, the Android operating system runs on practically every type of tech, from phones to TVs. Recently, the operating system has made it’s way into the vehicle market, allowing famous apps like Waze and Spotify to be used seamlessly in car, thanks to new head units running the software. These head units integrate the standard car entertainment like AM/FM radio along with a familiar user interface with the ability to run practically any app on the market. Here is a review on a new unit by Atoto. Continue reading “Your Car Can Run Android Too!”

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A Powerful Speaker Amp with Great Build Quality

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Opia2: A Blackbox for your Car

With the rate of traffic accidents climbing each year, along comes a higher chance of having one. Even the best of drivers get into accidents, albeit caused by the irresponsible driving habits of others. Recently there have been numerous cases of insurance fraud, where innocent drivers would suddenly be struck by a cyclist who’s motive was to collect insurance from the driver of the car. The only real way to prove your innocence in such cases is through video footage. Enter the dashcam.

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A Great Drawing Tablet For The Buck

When doing post production on photographs, there are a lot of small details that must be fixed, such as pimples on a persons face, or simply a small scratch on a product. A good graphic artist pays very close attention to detail, and in order to do so you need more than just a computer mouse. Graphics tablets open up a whole new world for artists. Whether it’s editing a photo or drawing a masterpiece, it allows you to control every nuance of movement to enable you to produce a masterpiece.

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