The All New Sansaire Delta: #SousVide


From the makers of the original Sansaire sous vide machine comes the all new Delta model. In a world where the home chef has become the gourmet chef, and in a universe where everything is connected, Sansaire is bringing a brand new model of their famous sous vide machine to the table.

For those who are unfamiliar with sous vide cooking, it is the latest fad in the kitchen. Cooking sous vide makes your food come out better than perfect every time by precisely controlling the cooking temperature throughout the duration of the cooking process. This not only enables one to make sure all the foods bacteria is safely killed, but also enables you to create a perfectly cooked dish. No more dry over-done steaks, or pink raw chicken. Only perfection.

Small, WiFi enabled, and stylish, the Sansaire Delta makes perfect cooking even easier. With its front-and-center interface, the Delta transforms your ordinary pots into quiet, precise, and elegant cooking devices.

The Sansaire Delta is powered by an app which adds so many features over the original model. Use the Sansaire app to interact with the device and discover new recipes, or utilize the touch screen interface to set the temperature, time, and settings. Get reminders when your bath is ready and your food is done. The app is available on iOS and Android platforms for both phones and tablets, making it accesible to everyone.

Compared to other devices on the market, the Delta is only 9 inches tall vs the Anova WiFi unit which is 14.75. The delta also has a more powerful heating element, 1100 Watts vs 900 Watts in the Anova, giving it the ability to heat up water faster.

For more info on the Sansaire Delta or to Pre-Order, Click Here

Here is a link to the original Sansaire Sous Vide Unit:

There’s Nothing Like Having Beer On Tap… At Home!

Ever leave a bar or restaurant thinking hey that was a great beer, and then when you buy the bottled version from the store it doesn’t taste nearly as good? Well the truth is that draft beer has less bitterness and lower carbonation compared to the bottled beer. Up until recently, one had to go to the bar to get that “on tap” taste, but thanks to the novel machine by Fizzics, this deliciousness is now available right at home.
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Use This Tool to Cook the Best Steaks! Easy! #sousvide

Sous vide cooking has taken the world by storm, enabling even amateur cooks to produce mouth watering perfectly cooked foods. Unit like these used to be very expensive and were limited to restaurant chefs and the like, but now they are becoming widely available to the general public at affordable prices. This review is on a very popular unit by Dorkfood. Stay tuned to see what I think about it.
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Delicious Wine Coming Right Up!

There are many types of wines out there, each made out of different grapes, some white some red, some expensive some not. What if I tell you that I can make a twenty dollar bottle taste just as good as a fifty dollar bottle? You would say it is impossible. Fact is, you can make cheaper wines taste better. A wine aerator is a small tool that comes in many form factors, and it’s purpose is to mix the wine with air. Doing so triggers oxidation and evaporation of undesirable compounds such as sulfates, thereby enhancing the taste of the wine. Read on to see what I think about this specific aerator.
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This Thing Makes Delicious Zoodles!

In this day and age when we’re constantly trying to find new creative ways to eat healthy, there are many new tools on the market to help out. A spiralizer is a kitchen tool that simply converts vegetables into different shapes like pasta and chips by simply loading in a vegetable and turning the handle. The result is a beautiful pile of curled veggies ready to be blanched or fried.
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Use this filter for a better coffee!

Pour over coffee makers are hands down the best way to experience all the flavors in coffee. Unlike standard coffee makers, pour overs give me more control over the water that is poured over the grounds. Read on to see why I really like this pour over coffee maker.
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A Great Easy To Use Cooking Thermometer!

Using a thermometer while cooking can be all the difference between a perfectly done dish and one that’s overcooked. Not only can it help you create the perfect steak, but can also allow you to maintain food safety which is imperative. Measuring the internal temperature of a piece of meat is the the best way to make sure that the harmful bacteria contained in raw meat is killed.
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My Favorite Wine Aerator.

There is a famous fact that it is important to let red wine breathe. Letting the wine breathe triggers oxidation and evaporation of undesirable compounds such as sulfates and ethanol which can give wine a strong scent. The traditional way to aerate wine is to let it sit open for an hour or two, but this is not always practical. Thanks to wine aerators, we can now enjoy aerated wine right after opening the bottle.
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Fresh Coffee Starts With The Beans

There’s nothing like waking up to the smell of coffee, and when I say coffee I mean a coffee made from freshly ground roasted beans brewed to perfection. Ever since Iv’e had my first cup of coffee house coffee, it’s been hard to turn back to the instant variants. I became my own barista.
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No more dull moments…

My most important tool in the kitchen is my chefs knife, and making sure it is always sharp is imperative as it enhances the workflow. Personally I think a dull knife is more dangerous than a sharp knife, as it is more prone to slip around before hitting the cutting board.
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