The Most Comfortable Camera Strap

A quality camera strap is probably my most important camera accessory, as my cameras life dangles from it. No one would go rappelling with a weak harness and rope. With all the bouncing around on the strap, some cheaper straps tend to weaken in areas like the stitching, or even the clips, threatening the cameras life. Here is a review on my favorite camera strap, which is not only made exceptionally well, but is also very comfortable.

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The Dot That Makes The Shot!

There are some situations where I either don’t have the time to fumble for the shutter release button, or I simply can’t see it, like when shooting photos at night. This can lead me to missing precious photos for simply no reason.
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This is a Great Way to Start Using Lens Filters

Shooting photos using filters gives me the ability to capture photos the way I like them, without the need for post processing. Lens filters allow me to do things like take long exposures during the day to create really cool photos.
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Great ND 8 Stop Filter With No Color Cast

Lens filters are used to achieve photo effects that can affect the colors and other aspects of the photo. Some of these effects can only be done in camera, and not in post processing. An ND filter is used to block some of the light entering the lens and hitting the sensor. This allows me to use longer shutter speeds even in bright daylight conditions. Here are some things I like about this filter.
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A Great Way To Get Started in Photography Lighting

The key to good photography, whether the subject be a person or a product, is proper exposure. Having ample lighting ensures for a well balanced photo. In some cases, natural daylight can be used which can be very nice, however in some weather conditions this is not possible. That is why an external lighting system is needed. Read on to see what I think about this lighting kit.
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This Long Legged Tripod Will Keep Your Camera Sturdy

Tripods come in handy in many instances of photography. From landscapes to slow shutter speeds to windy conditions, a sturdy tripod is a must. Without one, these photos wouldn’t be. I tend to use tripods a lot in studio too, as it helps me get uniform commercial photos. Read on to see what I think about this nice tripod.
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High Quality Circular Polarizer Filter

Lens filters open up a new window to photographers, allowing them to add effects to the photo in-camera. There are many types of filters on the market, such as UV filters, Polarizer filters, ND filters, and even colored filters. This review is on the Circular Polarizing Filter, a very common filter among photographers.These filters are commonly used to remove haze as well as reflections from photos. Meaning, you can shoot a photo through a glass window and not have to worry about reflections. These filters can also increase saturation, providing more vibrant colors.
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This Excellent Camera Bag Fits All My Equipment

When it comes to camera backpacks, there are so many options available. Choosing a reliable bag is very important, as it is going to protect your expensive camera gear from damage. A good bag will be a good way to organize all your gear, and keeping things clean. Read on to find out what I think about this camera bag.
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A Powerful and Lightweight Video Light

 Good lighting is key to a good looking video or picture. It’s all about exposure. When filming indoors, there isn’t always ample lighting, and an external lighting source is needed. This review is on a LED light panel which mounts to the hot shoe of my camera.
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Excellent Camera Bag for the Money

Having a quality camera bag is imperative, as the life of my expensive camera equipment relies on it. I have several camera bags, including one that just fits the camera alone with minimal accessories and another that fits my camera and some accessories but is not well padded. Read on to see what I think about this camera bag.
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