Review: Thinksound rain3 Wood Earbuds

Things that come to mind that I look for when purchasing earbuds are sound quality, build quality, ergonomics and sound isolation. I feel that this pair of in ear headphones excel in all these areas, and they look great too. Read on to find out more about what I think about these headphones.

The Thinksound rain3 earphones came packaged in a modest bleached cardboard box covered in a nicely designed paper sleeve, and included 4 sets of ear tips, a wire clip, and an eco friendly carry case.

In the looks department, these things win first place. The body of each earphone is rounded and made of a nice mahogany colored wood, and is encompassed by a metal ring engraved with L/R. The ear tips are silicone and there’s one for every size ear canal. The cable is made of an anti tangle PVC material and meets a bullet shaped chrome splitter about a third of the way down, and finishes in a unique 45 degree angle 3.5mm gold plated plug.

As for sound quality, these earphones produce a nice mellow sound, thanks to the wooden body. The highs, as well as the mids, are very nice at normal levels, and have lots of detail. The lows tend to be a little stronger which is great for bass heavy songs, however it is not overpowering.

In all, I am pretty impressed with these earphones as there’s a great build/sound quality to price ratio, and lots to be liked. The only thing I’d say is missing from this package is playback controls as it is a standard feature in earphones these days. For me it’s not really a problem, as I use these earphones via a USB C to 3.5mm headphone adapter because my phone doesn’t have a dedicated headphone output.

These earphones can be found right here on Amazon:

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