A Great Drawing Tablet For The Buck

When doing post production on photographs, there are a lot of small details that must be fixed, such as pimples on a persons face, or simply a small scratch on a product. A good graphic artist pays very close attention to detail, and in order to do so you need more than just a computer mouse. Graphics tablets open up a whole new world for artists. Whether it’s editing a photo or drawing a masterpiece, it allows you to control every nuance of movement to enable you to produce a masterpiece.

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A Great Portable SSD Drive with a Swappable Case

Standard hard drives are becoming a thing of the past, and it’s not for no reason. With solid state drives becoming cheaper and cheaper, there’s really no reason not to switch over. SSD’s provide speeds of multiple times the speed of older standard hard drives, meaning that file copy rates are a lot shorter, and windows starting times are much faster too. Plus, with an SSD you don’t really have to worry about the drive breaking because there are no internal moving components, unlike a standard HDD.
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This is One Feature Packed Travel Router

Travel routers come in handy in many instances, and I don’t reserve them just for travel, I use them all the time. They work great for converting wired hotel internet into wireless hotspots, or as a range extender. With so many models available, it is extremely hard to choose one. Here is a review on a feature packed model that I love.
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This Is One Great USB Powered Microphone

USB powered mics have become extremely popular among casual podcasters, as they are generally very easy to use straight out of the box. These mics don’t need any external amplifiers or audio interfaces because they are built into the mic. This enables the mic to take up a very small footprint on my desk.
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This Barcode Scanner Works with my Computer and Tablet

Having a quality barcode scanner not only speeds up my workflow, but also minimizes the margin for manually typed in errors. This not only saves time, but also money. Barcode scanners help me with sales, returns and inventory.
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This Card Reader Transfers with Lightning

Being a photographer, I am constantly finding myself transferring photos and videos from my memory card to my PC. My laptop has a built in SD card reader, but it’s transfer rate is very low. Having USB 3.0 ports on my computer, I figured why not harness the speed and use a compatible card reader to speed up the transfer process? I did so, and the results were amazing!
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An Excellent Remote to Control my Computer and Android Devices

With the advent of Android TV boxes, smart TVs, and other Android products, came the need for a proper all in one controller to ease the use of the products. There are many all in one remotes on the market, but to me this one stands out from the pack.
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Keeps my Laptop Cool and Helps My Posture Too

Having a cooling pad for my laptop is a must, as I run high performance photo and video editing programs that use a lot of processing power which causes the computers processor to heat up. My HP laptop has a partial metal frame which used to be too hot to the touch without the use of an external fan. Having a laptop fan can really make a laptops lifespan that much longer.
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This WiFi Range Extender Provides Great Coverage!

In a day and age where our lives our always connected, it is wise to make sure there is a good connection. Whether it be your computer, tablet or wireless security system, having a good connection is very important for speed and reliability. Due to the fact that WiFi routers do not have much range, there may be dead zones in ones home or office, and using a WiFi range extender can help to eliminate them.
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Great Upgrade to an Old Computer!

With so many new peripherals running on USB 3.0, transferring data over USB has become much faster and reliable. The problem is though, that there are still many computer owners that own older computers that don’t have this high speed port, rather they have older USB 2.0 ports which are much slower in speed. This little PCI adapter gives you the ability to upgrade your PC and harness those speeds.
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